A service for brands, designers and fashion professionals looking for traceable European sourcing.

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Safilin offers turnkey solutions for local, traceable sourcing at fair prices, whatever your request. From fabric to finished products, via the knitting or weaving steps, we are here to support you with creating your linen products. We guarantee traceability – from the linen fibre to the requested product.

Linen Maker was born after we received many questions about the traceability of fabrics or finished linen products. Indeed, 80% of world’s linen fibre production is sent to Asia to be transformed and returned as yarn, fabric or finished products. As a key player in the history of linen, it was a natural for SAFILIN to decide to set up Linen Maker.


Our knowledge of the world of linen means that we can source the best French and European weavers, knitters, dyers and garment manufacturers to offer you a durable and quality linen product.

This project is intended to showcase the French and European linen sector and all the people working in the industry to assure its continuity. It was important to us to offer a solution to brands looking for fairer and more eco-friendly fashion.


We also offer training in the culture and transformation of linen, as well as marketing support, which addresses how to make the most of your linen product. This is available as needed or as part of a sector discovery day.

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