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Safilin selects the best European fibres for the production of high quality yarn for your linen products.


Used for the warp and weft, Safilin yarn is a supple, airy material that guarantees a chic and elegant product with a natural touch.

Linen yarn can be used alone or with other materials depending on the effects that you are looking for. Whether for a suit, a blouse, trousers, a dress or even a tie: linen yarn is the solution for all your creative ideas.

A wide range of natural or bleached yarn from Nm 9.5 to Nm 50 is available to you for all your linen projects.


Knitted linen in all forms.

After years of research, Safilin is very proud to have developed its special “knitting” yarn, made for flat and circular knitting. This in-house innovation has been designed for use in jersey, pique knit, flannel or even crepe products for more and more linen items.

Linen knit is flowing, airy and crease-proof. Due to its antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and heat-regulating properties, linen yarn can be used for all kinds of everyday and sports products, or even for cosy jumpers in winter. Warm, breathable and comfortable, it is also ideal for transitional season products.

A range of natural or bleached yarns from Nm 16 to Nm 39 are available.


Linen and hemp: 10,000 years of history.

Safilin has been active in the hemp industry throughout its history. An age-old fibre, like linen, hemp has unique rustic and environmentally-friendly features.

Our Flax Lab has several projects underway to develop a range of yarns which respect our standards for sustainable development and quality.


Stretchable linen yarn

Stretch fabrics — still in linen. The result of our collaboration with the company ELASTEN (owner of worldwide patents for yarns and fabrics in stretch linen), we propose a range of stretchable yarns, with all the advantages of linen as well.

Linen jeans

Back to basics in denim. Historically made from cotton and linen blends, linen is gaining ground in the sector. We propose a unique yarn with compatible warp and weft for the manufacturing of 100% linen jean fabrics.

Linen/merino wool blend yarn.

We are very happy to be collaborating with NATIVA™ to present our first linen/merino wool blend yarn. This combination of two natural materials brings together the advantages of both yarns for a supple, soft and insulating yet breathable material.

Our mix is fully traceable from the fibre to the yarn and is eco- and animal-friendly.

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Linen: the force of nature