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Linen: a natural material to enhance your interiors

Nothing beats linen for covering your sofas, chairs and other furniture and to add a natural touch to your décor. Whether for curtains, armchairs, lampshades or wall hangings. Linen yarn perfectly adapts to all types of fabric so you can create a cosy cocoon at home.

Linen: the perfect match
for home textiles

The incredible absorbency of linen, combined with its strength, mean that it is perfect for a wide range of uses. From bath and tea towels to tablecloths, napkins and home accessories such as toiletry bags — linen has everything.

We have a wide range of natural or bleached yarns ranging from Nm 2.6 to Nm 39 available for all linen projects.



Our Nm 9.5 LGAMILYS yarn, an innovation from the Flax Lab, combines the strength of linen with the endurance of polyamide for better abrasion resistance.

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Linen: the force of nature