Traceable linen intended for textile brands and manufacturers… wishing to know the origin and the environmental impact of their products.

The Gaïa yarns collection is a complementary offer answering the need of transparency expressed by the textile consumers and companies. The GAIA yarn is supplied with complete traceability data and environmental impact information, thus adding value to the linen products and their manufacturing processes.

Safilin elaborated the Gaïa offer to answer the growing demand for transparency and to be able to assist our customers in making their European and French linen products more valuable.

We not only guarantee the superior quality of our Safilin linen but also offer tools adding value to your products made of SAFILIN linen:

A traceability certificate informing on the origins of flax batches used to manufacture the yarn: country of origin, scutching locations, harvest years of different batches, spinning location…

 The environmental footprint of the SAFILIN linen yarn based on the European PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) methodology. These data allow for the products lifecycle analysis.

Marketing documentation helping you to communicate the linen culture, outstanding line properties, SAFILIN linen yarn advantages…

These tools were elaborated to assist you in promoting the product manufactured in a short supply chain, respecting our social and environmental ecosystem.


Due to our knowledge of the linen world, we cooperate with the best European and French weavers, knitters, finishers, dyers and clothing manufacturers in order to manufacture the outstanding linen products, lasting and traceable.

We share the same philosophy – promotion and preservation of the European and French linen sector in order to be able to offer consumers local and sustainable products. 


We also offer training in the culture and transformation of linen, as well as marketing support, which addresses how to make the most of your linen product. This is available as needed or as part of a sector discovery day.

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