Choose excellence with high quality linen yarn

Linen, a natural fiber prized for thousands of years for its fineness and strength, is at the heart of many industries, from fashion to furnishings to stationery. However, in a market where quality and excellence are essential, it’s imperative to choose the highest quality linen yarn to guarantee customer satisfaction.

This is where Safilin, a leader in high quality linen yarn, excels. In this article, we highlight the exceptional quality of the raw material used, the unrivalled expertise of our operators and the appreciation of our customers for our excellent flax yarn.

The quality of the raw material : scutched linen fiber

The basis of any exceptional linen yarn is the quality of the raw material, the linen fiber. At Safilin, we place particular emphasis on the rigorous selection of our fiber batches. Each batch is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets our strictest quality standards. We source flax from the world’s best growing regions (France, Belgium and the Netherlands), where the climate and soil contribute to producing superior fiber. Our scutching experts have unrivalled expertise in this delicate operation. They ensure that the fiber is clean, even and free from impurities, which is essential for high quality flax yarn.

Operator know-how and rigorous methodology.

Once the scutched flax fiber is ready, the spinning process begins. At Safilin, this process is carried out by highly skilled craftsmen who have mastered the art of flax spinning. They have an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of flax and how to exploit them to produce yarn of exceptional quality. Each operator is trained to maintain high standards of precision throughout the spinning process.

During the spinning process, rigorous tests are carried out at every stage to ensure consistent quality. The yarn’s fineness, regularity and strength are subject to strict quality controls. Safilin operators are trained to detect the slightest variation in the yarn and adjust the process accordingly. This attention to detail ensures that every spool of Safilin yarn is of exceptional quality. 

high quality linen yarn

Customer appreciation of high quality flax yarn

The exceptional quality of Safilin linen yarn is recognized and appreciated by our discerning clientele. Our customers, from a variety of industries such as fashion, haute couture and luxury goods, choose our linen yarn for its excellent quality and durability. They rely on Safilin to deliver finished products that reflect their commitment to excellence.

Our linen yarns are used to create high-end products such as apparel, home textiles and leather goods. The most renowned brands and designers trust Safilin to supply the highest quality raw material, enabling them to create unique and prestigious products.

In conclusion, choosing the quality and excellence of Safilin linen yarn is a guarantee of satisfaction for demanding companies and designers. Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of the raw material, continues with the know-how of our operators and is reflected in the appreciation of our customers. Safilin remains a trusted choice for those seeking the finest high-end linen yarn on the market.