Masters of Linen Certification


Safilin is a member of the Masters of Linen club. With this certification, we assure 100% made in Europe linen yarn, from fiber to yarn, including scutching and combing.

This certification is a guarantee for the consumer but also for weavers and knitters  of a 100% local and traceable linen supply chain. 

What is the Masters of linen certification?

The creation of this certification was born out of common desire from all European companies in the flax industry, supported by the European Union. Masters of Linen certifies the European origin of the labeled factories. This label concerns spinners like Safilin but also weavers and knitters.

Its goal is to identify and promote the linen expertise made in Europe. This label applies to various production steps. To guarantee this 100% European traceability, spinners and weavers commit to strict criteria concerning their production and their supplies.

In addition to European know-how, certification promotes companies through other actions:

  • Sustainable production, respecting the environment
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Excellence and Innovation 
  • Made in Europe, from field to fabrics
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility engagements

masters of linen Safilin

How long is this certification valid?

Every year, the Masters of linen certification imposes an inspection by an external auditor to ensure that the company complies with the conditions to obtain the label. The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp is in charge of running the Club Masters of Linen.