Portrait : Aneta SIEMAK

Aneta Siemak just arrived at Szczytno factory, she is the manager of the spinning department

What is your job?
My job is to verify the conformity of manufacturing reports, standardise the yarn spinning processes and support my colleagues in implementation of new solutions improving their work.

What are the most important aspects of your job on which you would never compromise?
The most important aspect of my work is the security of my colleagues and of myself. I would never allow behaviours that could put the health of my co-workers and my teams at risk.

What are the qualities required at your job?
I would say that the most important at my job is to observe, to fully understand the tools and to have good relationships with my colleagues. I also need to be flexible and capable of performing different tasks, as I need to put myself in the shoes of my teammates to well understand their jobs and be able to improve them. An extensive knowledge of the textile industry is also necessary in order to be able to understand all aspects of the processes.

Why have you chosen Safilin?
I heard my friends and former colleagues talk about Safilin, they were often mentioning the “family atmosphere” at the company. It was difficult for me to imagine, taking into account my various professional experience. But once I joined Safilin, I understood. There is a true spirit of support among my colleagues, we take time to train and support the newcomers so as they do not feel lost and work in the best possible conditions.